Health Insurance Benefits:

Most insurance plans will provide you with physical therapy benefits paid in conjunction with your payment responsibility such as a co-payment or co-percentage in addition to your annual deductible.

Fitness and Rehabilitation is a preferred provider with:
    Aetna Health Plans
    BCBS (All Plans) 
    Tricare (PPO) 
    United Healthcare

Fitness and Rehabilitation participates with the following discount plans:
    Access One Consumer Health-Discount             15% discount
    Health Allies                                                   20% discount
    Premera Blue Cross                                        20% discount
    Signature Wellness Plan                                  20% discount
    EnhancedcareMD (ec.Pathways/ec.StayWell)     20% discount

Filing of Claims:

As a courtesy to you, we will file the claims directly to your insurance company.   We kindly request that you become aware of your insurance benefits, co-payment and deductible amount.  To avoid unexpected payment responsibility, please be informed of how much of the deductible has been met and how much is left to be paid. 

Assignment of Payment:

At the time of treatment you will be responsible for your payment responsibility (co-pay, co-percentage, or deductible). Your insurance plan will submit payments and the explanation of benefits directly to Fitness and Rehabilitation within a couple of weeks after your first visit.

Private Pay:

We provide services for patients who do not have insurance coverage or choose to pay out of pocket. Fitness and Rehabilitation offers adjusted rates for individuals who pay at the time of service. For more information, contact us at (703) 261-6758.


Insurance plans and benefits are all different. Some health insurance plans provide benefits only for acute injuries or significant exacerbation of symptoms that occur no longer than 3 month prior to the initial physical therapy evaluation. Other health insurance plans may provide benefits for patients with chronic conditions (longer than 3 months) who may require Preventative, Maintenance or Wellness Physical Therapy services. Check your health plan's physical therapy benefits.