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Is your injury limiting your daily activities? Are you at risk for developing osteoporosis, arthritis, or progressive disability? Living with chronic pain? Losing your energy or interest in your daily physical, functional, and social activities?


Our care is delivered in a one-on-one setting with an integrated physical, functional and cognitive-behavioral approach allowing us to provide you with a personalized care that makes a difference. You will be cared for by a doctor of physical therapy practitioner for the whole medical hour.

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The physical therapist performs a thorough examination and designs a plan of care that addresses your specific physical, functional and emotional needs while focusing on your personal goals. The plan of care is developed as a result of a collaborative approach with you, evidence appraisal, and the therapist's expertise.

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Our Rehabilitative physical therapy program helps you recover from recent injury, prevent secondary complications, and promptly return to previous level of function. Our Preventative, Maintenance, and Wellness Physical Therapy Programs provide short and long-term benefits by providing you with a long term care according to your specific and personal interests and needs.

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